Clay in Purple,Magic in Kiln: 

Nixing Pottery of Qinzhou, Guangxi Province

Date:17 May-20 July 2017

Interpreting Nixing Pottery

  How will traditional crafts and folk arts be passed down into modern age? How will they be absorbed into people’s lives? To these urgent questions about intangible cultural heritages that are to be inherited and developed, the case of Nixing Pottery in Qinzhou, Guangxi Province gave an excellent answer. Nixing Pottery sprung from Tang Dynasty, and flew through the times of Song, Yuan, Ming, Qing and Republic of China and then into present. Its unique craft is itself the reason of its invariable harmonious and close communion with people’s lives.  

  The net-shape apertures inside the works of Nixing Pottery form a natural construction of both ventilation and water proof. The distinctive merits of this construction include “keeping tea and food fresh even for hot summer nights” and “promising blossoms and prosperous leaves if put flowers within with water”. The craft of Nixing Pottery creates a genre of its own. Clays are directly fashioned and carved without glazes. Color tints are particularly changed through varying the kilns’ temperature.  Then the works are polished, and become creations of what is called “Red Wares with White Blossoms”. The decorative carved designs of flowers, figures, landscapes and words are rare and rich in beauty of the line drawing style in Chinese paintings, which exhibit a profound poetic imagery and many artistic meanings. Nixing Pottery is therefore valuable both in use and art, and highly prized through history. In 2006, the Nixing Pottery “Flower Vase with Drum-shape Mouth” was authenticated by the UNESCO with the Badge of Excellence for Handicrafts. In 2008, the craft of Nixing Pottery was enlisted on National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage Conservation. 

  To interpret Nixing Pottery and its road of inheritance and development is to understand the uses and arts of traditional crafts. Only along this road which leads into people’s lives that the traditional crafts can be passed down forever. 

  Bless the Nixing Pottery! 


May 2017