1.The best storage method of nixing pottery is put it in a custom-made box and there should be a sponge or foam cushion in the box. Do not put two pieces of pottery together. If you have to put them together, you must separate them with foam.

2. It is best to display it on a fixed wooden shelves if you want to, For example, shelf made of solid wood. It's better not to use a glass display stand because the glass frame collapse will make valuable nixing pottery instantly become a regret.

3. Nixing pottery is easy to be bump, so when the precious nixing pottery display, it can be secured to the upper part with a transparent nylon thread.

4. When appreciating nixing pottery, your hands should be kept clean and dry. The ring you wear must be taken off, because it will scratch the surface of nixing pottery.

5. Do not wear gloves when you take nixing pottery, because it is very easy to slide from your hand.

6.One by one if there are many people want to appriciate it. After appreciated, the pottery should be put on the wooden table, and the next one can take and appreciates it.

7. In peacetime maintenance, you can wipe with a damp cloth. Brush the dust with a soft painbrush and brush the gap with a soft brush. Don't wash pottery directly with water because the pottery has water absorption.

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