Tea contains antioxidants, caffeine and fluoride.Tea has hydrating properties. Common knowledge has led us to believe that caffeinated beverages actually dehydrated you more than they hydrated you. However, recent research has shown that caffeine does not make a difference unless you consume more than 5 to 6 cups at a time. Tea has been shown to actually be healthier for you than water alone in some cases because it hydrates while providing antioxidants.

Tea without milk or sugar contains zero calories, but by adding semi-skimmed milk you will only add between 10-15 calories which have the added benefits of calcium and minerals.

Tea also contains traces of zinc for growth and tissue repair, folic acid (vitamin B9) for production and maintenance of new cells, potassium which helps the body to sustain fluid levels and manganese-vital for maintaining body development and bone growth.

For thousands of years tea has been used in China as an after-meal digestive aid and it can help you as well due to the high levels of tannins it contains.Tea is a natural antiseptic.