1. Thoroughly clean the inside and outside of the pot. No matter the it is a new or old, it should be totally cleaned up the wax, oil, dirt, etc. of the pot body before the process of maintenance. 

2. Avoid sticking to greasy dirt. It must be cleaned immediately after being touched, otherwise the soil can not absorb the tea water and leave all traces of oil.

3. The more times you brew cups of tea, the more bright of the Nixing handicrafts’ surfaces. When the soil is absorbed to a certain extent, it passes through the kettle and shines like a jade.

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4. Rub and brush should be moderate. Use the soft little brush to wipe the remain tea inside the teapots after watering the surface of the teapot. But do not continually wipe. 

5. Clean up after useClean out the teapot to prevent the peculiar smell and the rearrangement. 

6. Let the kettle have time to rest. After you use the teapot for a period of time, the teapot needs a rest, so that the soil can be completely dried naturally, and can be absorbed more when used., so that the soil can be dried naturally and thoroughly, and then it can be absorbed more when used.

 According to the steps of maintaining a nixing teapot, the brightness can be durable. It won't fade and do not afraid of people hand touch.

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