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Tea ceremony originated in China. Chinese at least before tang dynasty or tang dynasty, in the first place in the world to the tea drinking as a way of cultivate one's morality raises a gender, "the seal's smell" in the tang dynasty has such records: "tea line, princes in all the drinkers." Tea drinking, tea drinking and other tea ceremonies were widely practiced and became popular at that time. This is the earliest recorded tea ceremony in the existing literature. It can be seen that the earliest and most complete tea ceremony process was the Fried tea ceremony created by lu yu in tang dynasty. Lu wen made a very vivid description of the elegant atmosphere of tea banquet and the wonderful flavor of tea tasting in the preface of tea banquet on March 3.

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Qinzhou Nixing Pottery Art Festival and South-bound Channel Ceramics Expo


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China Artist Li Chang Quan

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Nixing Pottery Xishi Teapot from Qinzhou of China,Nixing pottery is one of the four most famous pottery in China.

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chinese tea

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As one of the oldest tea in China, Pu'er tea can be traced back to 1,700 years ago in Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220 CE). Yunnan began to process tea in the Three Kingdoms period (220-360). Trade in Pu'er tea began in the Tang Dynasty, became famous during the Ming Dynasty and was popularized in the Qing Dynasty.

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