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Qinzhou Sikai Trading Company Ltd. locates in Qinzhou, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous Region, which was established in 2014. But We have been in pottery producing and selling more than 10 years. We main sell Nixing Pottery handmade commodities, teaware series, vases series and ceramics artwork.

Our company new sell Pottery on the online platform and this year. Hope we supply the greatest handmade pottery, best service for our customers and try our best to show Chinese Traditional Nixing Pottery all around world.

About Nixing Porttery

Qinzhou Nixing pottery is one of the four most famous potteries and the one of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region’s treasures. It is China intangible cultural heritage. Qinzhuo Nixing pottery is the Chinese geographic label product. It is non-toxic and has included the microelements-Selenium, Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Sodium which are good for health. Qinzhou Nixing pottery has many advantages such as good air permeability, being impermeable. And, it can storage tea leaves for a long time but it dose no mildew. When pouring hot water and putting tea leaves into the Nixing pottery containers, they have released more aroma for prolonged placement. It is suitable for the usage of home or office. We can brew tea, such as Oolong tea, Wuyi Rock Tea, Tieguanyin tea, Black tea, Qihong tea. Zhenhong tea(Yunnan black tea), Minhong tea, Da hongpao tea, Dark tea, Pu er tea, Fuzhuan tea and Liubao tea and so on.


Handmade tea wares, tea pots, tea cups and tea sets are carved with handcraft, the precious nixing pottery will be good for your health if use for drinking tea, coffee or water every day.



Nixing vases are not only for viewing, but also for cultivating plants well. It totally shows the advantages of handmade thrown Qinzhou Nixing pottery, as the unique clay, special composition and peculiar properties.


All Nixing Pottery

Nixing Pottery/ Nixing Ceramics Include tea pots, tea cups/tea mug, tea sets, tea pet, tea tools, Handicrafts, Artworks, Ceramic Vase and so on.



"If you want to wholesale, custom made your own brand, or type greeting words on Nixing Pottery (also call Nixing Ceramic), welcome to contact us. "


"OEM or ODM is acceptable to All Nixing Pottery Ceramic, welcome to contact us directly. "

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